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DHKN provides a broad range of external audit, internal audit and advisory services to state and semi-state organisations.


Since 2010, DHKN has audited over 100 public sector organisations on behalf of the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General.  As part of these engagements, DHKN has gained invaluable experience of this specialist sector. We have a proven track record and have demonstrated a clear understanding of the public sector accountability process.


DHKN have also completed specialist assignments for a variety state and semi-state organisations, which include;

  • Probity reviews as required under the ‘Probity and Financial Governance Audit Programme’.
  • Assessment of adherence to the Revised (2016) Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies.
  • Review of Procurement Procedures to ensure compliance with the ‘Competitive Process 2004 Guidelines on conducting an appropriate competitive process under national rules and revised EU Public Procurement Directives’.
  • Review of the System of Internal Control on behalf of the Board and ensuring adequate corporate governance disclosures in Annual Reports
  • Audit of IT and Information Security.
  • Evaluation of Internal Controls surrounding Fixed Assets including Asset Disposal Policy and Capital Investment Appraisal.
  • Review of compliance with the Public Spending Code.
  • Assisting Boards to prepare Board and Audit Committee Charters,
  • Developing a Risk Management Policy including establishment of Risk Registers and conducting Risk Management Workshops. “

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