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Our dedicated team support our clients in the Not for Profit Sector, giving them the freedom to focus on their charitable work. 


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In Ireland, Charities and the Not for Profit sectors operate in a highly regulated environment governed by the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA).

DHKN provides audit, financial reporting, governance, tax and advisory services to a broad and diverse range of Not-for-Profit organisations, including Charities, Religious Orders, Fundraising bodies, Educational Groups, Community Groups and Public Interest Organisations

There are continued business, governance and control challenges facing the Charities and the Not for Profit sector.  Our tailored service is designed to assist your organisation meet its legal and statutory obligations while supporting your board and senior management to achieve your organisation’s mission.

DHKN continues to assist clients in understanding and implementing the Charities Act and meeting reporting obligations set by the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA). We ensure our clients are aware of their legal and statutory obligations including reporting, registration, fundraising, trustees’ requirements and additional accountability which is placed on the Board by the Charity Regulator.

We have assisted clients adapting the presentation of their financial statements to FRS 102 SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice – Accounting and Reporting by Charities). We have also published articles in relation to the Act and its implications for organisations and we have made presentations on the subject to the Not for Profit sector.

We also provide Boards with a tailored sector focused seminar covering topics such as, Companies Act, Reporting Obligation under the Charities Act and CRA, Governance and Tax Compliance.

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